Chihayafuru – Must Watch Anime

Allow me to spend some time to explain why I consider Chihayafuru to be a must watch.


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Song used in the middle: DEJA VU 2.0 – Tsuko G.

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  1. Am I first? Ok not going to do the norm………… but it's my first first time being first…………… F#@k it FIRST. Mr Armada Sir I'm the first one to watch your video, love from the Caribbean.

  2. I plan to watch all three seasons for the first time once season 3 finishes. I've never watched any of it before, so it'll be all new. No wait for me. Yay. 🙂

  3. Finally something to ensnare one of my friends into the show.

    The beginning moments said it well: How the heck can you actually convince someone to watch this show if it isn’t already in line with their direct preferences for anime?

  4. Recommending Chihayafuru, for me, is like recommending people Fruits Basket…

    "Girl hugs boys and they turn into animals…"

    Or maybe i'm just a bad at recommending stuff to people

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