Cowboy Bebop – Opening Theme – Tank!

“Tank!” by Seatbelts

3, 2, 1, let’s jam. Relive all of your favorite Cowboy Bebop moments on Funimation right now ➡️
Explore the far reaches of the galaxy in this undeniably hip series that inspired a generation – and redefined anime as an indisputable art form.

The Bebop crew is just trying to make a buck. This motley lot of intergalactic loners teams up to track down fugitives and turn them in for cold hard cash. Spike is a hero whose cool façade hides a dark and deadly past. The pilot Jet is a bruiser of a brute who can’t wait to collect the next bounty. Faye Valentine is a femme fatale prone to breaking hearts and separating fools from their money. Along for the ride are the brilliant, but weird, hacker Ed and a super-genius Welsh Corgi named Ein. On their own, any one of them is likely to get lost in the sprawl of space, but together, they’re they most entertaining gang of bounty hunters in the year 2071.


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  1. Seems like a pretty random time to upload the Bebop theme. Especially when Funimation already did that back when Bebop released on Blu-Ray and digital. I feel like this is foreshadowing something. Some new Bebop-related announcement. I don't know what it might be, but I'm looking forward to it.

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