Lucy Confronts Her Father | Top 5 Lucy Heartfilia Moments

“Finally, I’m truly happy, and I’m not gonna let you ruin it for me, you hear?” Lucy standing up to her father definitely deserves a spot on this list!

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Welcome to Lucy Week! Join us in looking back some of her most memorable moments along with Cherami Leigh, the English voice of Lucy.

When four young wizards from the most destructive guild in Fiore team up to take jobs, they forge a bond more powerful than any magic and grow stronger with every mission. Whatever you do, don’t mess with these friends or you’ll get burned!


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  1. Please, please, please tell me this means Final Season will be out on Home Video. I will have the whole series

    On another note, I've always found Lucy as woefully underrated as far as Shonen Heroines go. I feel like she's the kind who actually gets stuff done even if she wouldn't last a second against a big boss. She's basically Bulma and Krillin in a surprisingly neat package.

    Mind you, I feel like her Star Dress power could've been a concept earlier introduced to show in the line of fire. That and her battle with Minerva should've been, you know, an actual battle.

    I think the Anime did well in terms of fleshing out her character with the two major filler arcs. Yes, filler actually worked for a Shonen Anime. Die mad about it!

  2. Fairy Tail holds such a special place in my heart from the 3 years ago when I discovered it to the weekly final series I teared up so many times ❀️

  3. Cherami Leigh is such a talented voice actress. She just is so good at what she does it’s almost criminal.

    Lucy is one of my favorites of hers, (besides Makoto from P5 and I liked her in Ghost Hunt too)

    she really brought out the emotions and just the sassy Firecracker that is Lucy, lol and really did well by her character in general.

    I hope she comes back for 100 years quest, I mean I don’t doubt she won’t. But here’s to hoping!!!

  4. That nice and all but when is release for freaking fairy tail 100 year quest anime already cause i am trying to entertain myself for living but is freaking not working for some reason

    I want fairy tail BACK PLZZZ

  5. Good ol Lucy, She was so awesome in the series, with her beautiful looks and seemingly incompetent personality, she has proven to be useful and powerful with her celestial spirits, but she has also manged to have done a lot by herself. Arguably the best example of this was when she saved Fairy Tail during the Tartarous arc. She had to sacrifice Aquarius and summon the Celestial King, that alone made her so powerful but also a true hero in heart.

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